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Deburr Edges of Flat Surfaces, Through Holes, Blind Holes, Intersecting Holes, Inside 


Burlytic Systems
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50 Pratt’s Junction Road
Sterling, MA 01564
(P): 508-887-1944


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Standard Models 250-Amp and 500-Amp


Burlytic® Systems Deburring Process-model 500


Standard platform models include parameter programming and storage by job using a PLC and operator interface. Optional PC and software provides virtually unlimited programming and audit trail. These models include automatic raising and lowering of part fixtures and up to eight agitation speeds, with a variable speed motor and actuator. Dual pumps are included for filtration and chiller, and the unit has its own lighting fixture. Double containment, 220-gallon capacity polypropylene tank. Single or dual station capability.


Standard Models 250-Amp and 500-Amp


Burlytic® Systems Deburring Process-model 60C


Compact Platform Models utilize a PLC, which controls the process parameters. These models have three-speed agitation. PLC settings call up the job process parameters. The machines are more compact at 66" x 41" x 66" than the larger units. The 60-Amp model is self contained in that the chiller, pump, control cabinet, 60-gallon electrolyte tank, and power supply are all integrated into the framework. The 100-Amp is the same except that the chiller is located externally to the machine to allow space for the 100-gallon electrolyte tank. As designed, the operator must manually attach the part fixtures. However, all models can be fully automated.