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Deburr Edges of Flat Surfaces, Through Holes, Blind Holes, Intersecting Holes, Inside 


Burlytic Systems
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50 Pratt’s Junction Road
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(P): 508-887-1944


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Industries & Applications



The Burlytic® Deburring Process has been applied successfully to the following industries and applications:


Medical Industry

Surgical Instruments

Guide wire catheters

Laparoscopic tools

Arthroscopic cutters

Cautery probes

Biopsy cups


Surgical blades

Hypodermic needles




Needle holders



Intracranial pressure instruments

Hip cup reamers


Body implants

Orthopedic screws and plates



Aerospace Industry

Jet engine fuel nozzles

Fuel distribution rings

Combustion chamber components

Diffuser cases

Missile components

Microwave radar components



Automotive and Truck Industry

Connecting rods

Gas and diesel injector components

ABS Housings, Pistons, Valves

Transmission Gears & Clutch Hubs

Planetary and Differential Carriers


Rocker Arms

Valve Lifters



Computer and Electronics Industry

Hard Disk Drive Head Actuator Arms

Microwave Enclosures

Fiber Optic Connectors

Electrical Connectors



Firearms Industry

Barrel Chamber

Feed Ramp





Optics Industry

Eyeglass frames

Eyeglass hinges

Microscope parts

Telescope parts



Metallurgical Industry

X-ray diffraction sample preparation

Expose graphite nodules

Expose silicon crystal surface

Reveal microcracks

Expose grain structure



Textile Industry

Steel heddles





Contract Machining Industry

Precision CNC Machined Products for above industries

Screw Machine Products

Fine Blanked, Stamped, Strip, EDM and Laser Processed Parts



Burlytic™ Micro-Honing Process for Cutting Tool Industry

The Micro-Honing Process is a simple, efficient way of conditioning cutting edges which can routinely extend production tool edge life up to 5 times. The Micro-Honing process eliminates the variability of hand stoning and creates an extremely smooth, burr-free cutting edge. Applies to:


  • New tools which may or may not be treated
  • Round tools including drills, reamers, milling cutters and hobs
  • Saw blades
  • Tungsten carbide tools (4x to 5x life improvement)
  • High speed steel (50% to 100% improvement)
  • Tools which have been reground