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Deburr Edges of Flat Surfaces, Through Holes, Blind Holes, Intersecting Holes, Inside 


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50 Pratt’s Junction Road
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(P): 508-887-1944


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Future Deburring Processes



New techniques for using Burlyte® electrolytes are being learned every day. Applications for continuous strip deburring are under development. A new patent was recently awarded for a virtual cathode design. This allows for a cathode to be inserted into a workpiece without being hard-wired to the power supply. Processing of large shaft and drum-like parts by rotation past a fixed cathode in a shallow bath is also under development, thus opening up applications such as deburring of the lobes on large truck engine crank and cam shafts as well as large filtering drums used in the pulp and paper industry.


The safety and versatility of the Burlytic® technology has secured it an important position in the metal parts manufacturing industry and since many manufacturers are now working with these systems, new and important developments can be expected in the near future.