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Common Metals



Each metal has its own processing characteristics. Some metals require inhibiting, some don’t, some will polish, some will granulate, some work very slowly, some very quickly and some won’t process at all.


Below is a list of common metals with their processing characteristics in terms of processing speed. In many cases fixturing can be employed so as to process several parts at one time and significantly reduce cycle time.


For additional data on material attributes such as those requiring degreasing, inhibitors, surface finishes, etc, please contact us.


Processing speed – A relative indication of how long a particular metal requires to remove “ordinary” burrs, all else being equal.


  • Very fast – requires less than one minute of processing time; e.g. magnesium, sintered iron, titanium alloy.
  • Fast – requires ½ to 2 minutes of processing time; e.g. stainless steel.
  • Normal – requires 1 to 3 minutes of processing time; e.g. cast iron.
  • Slow – requires 1 to 5 minutes of processing time; e.g. high-silicon metals.
  • Very slow – requires over 5 minutes of processing; e.g. lead, gold, tungsten.
  • Won’t process – Metal is, for all intents, unaffected by the process or takes more than an hour to process with close cathode spacing; e.g. platinum, iridium.


Common Metals


  • Aluminum – Processing time: normal
  • Copper – Process speed: slow
  • Gold – Process speed: very slow
  • Invar – Process speed: normal
  • Iron, malleable, cast – Process speed: fast
  • Kovar - Process speed: normal
  • Lead – Process speed: very slow
  • Magnesium – Process speed: fast
  • Platinum – Process speed: won’t process
  • Silver – Process speed: fast
  • Sintered iron – Process speed: very fast
  • Steel, carbon – Process speed: slow
  • Steel, cast – Process speed: fast
  • Steel, stainless – Process speed: normal
  • Titanium – Process speed: very fast or won’t process
  • Tungsten – Process speed: very slow
  • Waspaloy – Process speed: slow
  • Zinc – Process speed: normal